To the power of friend;

Science has been and forever will be fun and extremely skeptical times to be had by all.

Apparently maths is still making a splash

Are you calling me slim ?

Whoever created this probably enjoys procrastination so much it took them forever to complete.


And finally, a clever mathematician illustrates the tale of a lone integer who had enjoyed quite an adventure in escaping a futuristic nightmare known only as


One hypothesis explores the possibility that an inspired burst of "forward-lateral" thinking, propels the subject, forward and sideways simultaneously, repeatedly, until desired destination appears within grasping distance.

maths X science X art = FUN

In this case guided only by a thin string of electricity, the subject focusses all the power available into a single deafening strike against the iron beam.

*how the noise looked

*possibility the subject is on some Heroes little kid Jheri curls talk to the electronics deal, my guess is like 3 parts in a trillion, improbable but not impossible;

WHATEVER the door opened and he made it to the party next door where some people were having their photos taken.


A simple formula for good times.

maths isn't for everyone;

It turns out some people would rather paint a hand.

I was going to search harder for things people do but this guido takes the cake.

In conclusion, my time could have been better spent making a flow chart for the work I didn't have.
Also I wish there was a 'hand-painted-as-bear' picture, it would have really tied this all together and made a hell of a lot more sense.

Sorry for the confusion.