Bear Suit

Sometime earlier this year I took a short walk to a burger spot.

I ordered and stood outside to wait.

A little ways up the lane a lone figure sat atop a milkcrate, smoking slowly.

A man in a bear suit.

At first I thought nothing of it, I imagined a charitable soul, donating a Saturday afternoon.

When he finished his smoke the headpiece was reinstated.

It was only then I noticed the alarming absence of coin-bucket and/or charity sash.

Man-bear stood motionless, watching silently, his head cocked ever so slightly whilst I waited.

It was as though he smelt my fear.

Or maybe he smelt the burger, they are quite good.

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Pretty flash site hey? no pun intended

The up is that money saved goes to making you burgers. I don't think they used any money to develop fries; irregularly cooked and inconsistent in general.
Trust me that's the only down and you don't need fries anyway fatboy.