I remember when I was young, vaguely.

Lego was fun, like hours lost on the floor kind of fun.

Remember looking for what seemed like forever for that one particular piece that would finish off the space station/ship/moonbase/national security headquarters or whatever the fuck you were making was admittedly infuriating but ultimately satisfying.

In 2008 Lego is Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones.
Where's the satisfaction in a lego kit that only builds into a Millennium Falcon and nothing else, and don't say you'd build it into a million other things cause that's crap. You won't.

Plus it's enormous and grey and boring and costs almost a thousand dollars. Imagine what a grand worth of lego would have looked like in 1990.

In 1990, Space Lego was awesome.
It didn't need authorised collectors edition versions and blockbuster cross-promotional themes. It had spaceships with neon green windscreens and sweet names like Celestial Forager, secret building instructions to create super-vehicles from 3 different kits and

Who am I kidding anyway, I don't have money for Lego. I can barely pay my rent but it's nice to go back.