Raspberry Fools

thanks james

According to this page, a fool is the forerunner to ice cream, and as much as I dislike marketing and most of the dime-store psychology surrounding it, this seems like a clear case of getting it simply accurate as opposed to creative and/or alluring;

Ice cream - clear and concise, cream that has been frozen with ice. You may also find flavored varieties.

Fool - a cream that has been whipped and refrigerated (SPECIFICALLY NOT FROZEN) which sounds lovely, but unfortunately that's not immediately apparent from the name, in fact, I always felt too foolish to order it, let alone find out what it actually was.

But what's really in a name?

I'm all for a snappy acronym, but when a B.L.A.T has cheese I think it should be a BLATCH, and when a dish is named 'jerk' it evokes all the wrong emotions for me. For starters, unnecessary jerking actions can place food on your person, but not specifically your mouth, as is the custom.

Then there's the idea the meat will be dried or preserved i.e Jerky aka Biltong aka Schmackos and of course the obvious connotation with that annoying term people use when they are trying to be playful angry. Or when I'm actually being a jerk


it's truly delicious as we found out this evening...

"slowly but surely, yeah maan "

It was like the supreme version of one of the things I was expecting and none of the others. With reggae JUST LIKE THIS VIDEO

yeah maan punt rd, sth yarra

the banquet might be a bit much if you're some newb-jack or if you don't got 30 homies like Marnell, but defo hit up the JERK maan