Before I go to bed;

Just quickly, I always liked the first two roots manuva albums, but he kinda lost me after that.
I haven't listened to the new one but it has his head split open on the cover and that's a bit much for me at the moment.
One thing that irked me about listening to him is the frustration that occasionally may arise from listening to words that don't necessarily exist being rhymed together.
Luckily frustration made way for intrigue;
Which always leads to investigation, which I like to partake in occasionally.
It's not for I to say they won't be real words some day,

And iff has ANY say in the matter (they actually don't would you believe?) I'm SURE we'll be seeing such gems introducing tampons and mcdonalds soon enough anyway.

I also happened upon this definition and the 'example' delighted me, so much so that it has become my motto 4lyfz

Oh and,

For The