I need to smell like the man my girl's man could smell like

Call it the influence of watching episode after episode of Mad Men and my budding man crush on Don Draper and my desire to BE him, not because of his lovely little lady Bets, but because he's the fucking MAN, an Ad Man nonetheless. But like the above mentioned, a good, hilarious, advertising campaign still gives me wood. Weird right? Not to me. I love cleverness in all it's forms, shapes sizes and varieties, whether it be an image, a saying, a quote, an object, something randomly creepy or a dude riding an Ostrich. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, Get on my Horse.

Isn't it amazing, how something like this can make you want to smell like a real man, buy that product because it's called swagger and then not want it because it costs $34US dollars just for shipping on eBay. Did I really just eBay search for Swagger? This was not how my life was supposed to turn out.

As much as I don't want to smell like Old Spice, purely because I got doused in Old Spice as a preeb (pre-pubescent) funny practical joke it wasn't, yet I could see how funny it would be to not be the prankster and not the prankee. That said, fuck Old Spice. I don't want to smell like a man, I use Dove Cucumber and Green Tea (ffs) so smelling manly is not ranked high on my list.

Yet this ad campaign is pure fucking genius, I've watched them all like bajillion times. Because I think they're amazing... You should too, probably.



Did You Know?


Old Spice to Women: Shut up and get on my Horse

Checkout Old Spices' site, it's actually pretty LOL.

By Tobler1