This Bee was BUZZING

Confused? Very much so was the general consensus in my head.
I certainly don't know this black and white drawing. In the original friend request she mentioned she saw the play 'Woycek'. It just so happened my mother was telling me that very day she wanted to go watch 'Woycek'.
To add to my confusion, I became suspicious. Alicia happens to be the name of my ex-Real Estate agent(wassupladiesitsyaboonholler)
So not only confused and suspicious, but jumping to conclusions.

Alicia soon helpfully revealed her true motivation and identity.

Complete with (working?) link and (too many) kisses from a stranger.

Oh wait, another message(below) to let me know the link does work. Alicia is helpful and super enthusiastic for me to join her on tour with Simon BRUCE !!

Will I get a reply ? I'm actually refreshing my facebook inbox page every 3 minutes in anticipation. But not in reality or practice.

From the continent with love,

Boony Bee